Spirulina4Life’s Amazing Product Set to Explode the Health Food Market

MIAMI, FL. June 06, 2019 – For the first time ever, fresh, living spirulina is easily attainable for the consumer market, thanks to Spirulina4Life, Inc. Living spirulina from Spirulina4Life is spirulina in its natural form, fresh, frozen, fully living and bursting with bioavailable nutrition.

Spirulina has gained world-wide renown for its phenomenal health benefits, and has been touted by organizations like, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), the U.N. (United Nations) and the WHO (World Health Organization) and is even used by NASA and the ESA (European Space Agency) in space.

In the past, the superior living spirulina has been hard to come by. Now, consumers can enjoy the raw form which provides immensely more health benefits than non-living powders or tablets. Powdered forms of spirulina are only 10-20% as nutritious as living spirulina and have an unpleasant odor and taste that can put some people off. Living spirulina is tasteless and odorless and 80-90% more nutritionally dense than powder and tablets.

Spirulina4Life’s amazing product is grown on enclosed, greenhouse ponds in an environment carefully controlled to provide maximum purity and quality. Ponds fed by Florida’s finest artesian aquifer water are closely monitored daily by a team of microbiologists and aquaculture professionals, guaranteeing second-to-none quality.

Being tasteless and odorless makes spirulina the natural choice for blending as an ingredient in all types of food, from the obvious smoothies, shakes and ice-cream to the less obvious, soups, pesto and salad dressings.

With such versatility as an ingredient in good delicious foods, coupled with benefits such as helping to manage blood sugar, immune boosting qualities, enhancing cognitive function, detoxifying the body, lowering the risk of stroke, helping treat anemia as well as anti-aging properties, this is a truly revolutionizing new product set to make the lives of millions better, healthier and happier.

Fresh, frozen spirulina is now available for consumer purchase at Bulk and wholesale pricing is available as well and can be negotiated based on volumes/order size needed.

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