If you're wondering how to eat spirulina and incorporate it into your diet, the variety of formats may be a bit confusing.

Whether you are new to spirulina or want to give it a try, is fresh spirulina better than the powdered version?

Read on to discover more about this super-nutritious plant, and why choosing to eat it fresh is so integral to a healthy lifestyle.

How to Eat Spirulina: Uses and Benefits

Spirulina supports liver function, detoxifies the body, and can increase your energy levels. This all-natural ingredient is extremely rich in antioxidants and has a positive effect on the body's digestive system.

If you're wondering how to eat spirulina, it's actually easy to incorporate it into any diet or lifestyle. Add some to your favorite smoothie, put some in your yogurt, or mix it with water or salad dressing.

Since spirulina is such a versatile ingredient, you can add it to almost anything in order to reap the many benefits it offers. So, which format should you choose when it comes to powdered versus fresh?

Powdered Spirulina: Get The Facts

Powdered spirulina often comes in pill format and is grown in poor-quality water. This often results in an unpleasant taste. The process to transform spirulina involves cooking the plant at over 200 degrees Celcius until it's dry.

When spirulina undergoes the drying process, it degrades all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, which reduces its bioavailability. Unfortunately, most powdered spirulina only contains around 20-percent of its original nutritional value.

If you use powdered spirulina, you won't get the amazing nutrition it normally provides. Since it's less nutritious, you'll need to ingest a lot more and may never really get the full effects of fresh spirulina.

Why Fresh or Frozen Spirulina is Best

When you ingest fresh spirulina, you know you're getting the most powerful nutrition possible. The plant is grown in clean, fresh alkaline water and is completely tasteless, so it's perfect for a variety of recipes or eaten raw.

Fresh spirulina is never cooked or dried. If you eat it fresh or frozen, you'll receive 100-percent of its natural vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and amino acids. Spirulina is one of the most powerful superfoods found in nature.

Fresh or frozen spirulina is completely bioavailable, which means all the nutrients are easily absorbed by the body. With regular use, you can reap all of its amazing benefits at its maximum potency. Boost your immune system, increase your metabolism, and experience overall healing with fresh spirulina as part of your daily routine.

Make the Change to Fresh

Now that you know how to eat spirulina, choose this amazing superfood in its purest, freshest form. Powdered spirulina won't provide you with as many amazing benefits as the fresh / frozen version, so the choice is clear.

Our frozen spirulina is five times more powerful than powdered spirulina, so be sure to visit our website and contact us for more information today!