Music for the Mind & Soul

Sample (Rain Forest Cave)  
Richard Brookens and Yellow Bell Music offer Relaxation and Meditation CDs perfect to help you find inner peace, do some Yoga or just chill out. Also higher energy World Fusion Jazz CDs with unusual instruments from around the world to perk up your ears, dance or tap your toes!

World Fusion / Jazz and Meditation / Relaxation CD's, using woodwind, percussion, and string instruments from Asia (China, Bali, India, Pakistan), Africa (Kenya, West Africa), Australia, and South America (Brazil), in an exotic mix with sounds from Nature.

Listen to free samples on each CD's page and download single cuts!

These well-recorded, atmospheric world beat grooves are sure to appeal to listeners
[David Lewis, Cadence Magazine]

...deep, dark drumming, some very modern saxophone and some very ancient bamboo flute ...worldbeat meets modern jazz
[Bob Weinberg, City Link, Ft Lauderdale, FL]

The original music, by Richard Brookens... is powerful...
[Arlene McKanic, Greenwich Village Gazette]

...a cohesive soundscape that blends primal instincts and futuristic visions...a rich listening experience and a superlative album. Outstanding!
[Bill Binkelman, Wind & Wire Magazine, New Instrumental Music and Interviews. ]

Richard Brookens
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