We believe that the best way to attain total nutrition is to deliver a food so perfectly balanced and complete, so nutritious and rich, so healthy and bursting with life, that no other food on earth can compare. Introducing our Supreme Green Spirulina. 

We at Spirulina4Life believe that fresh raw live Spirulina is the world’s most perfect food, the future of nutrition. It is the most complete, balanced and nutritious super food on the planet. It is an immune system miracle worker and a nutritional super hero of foods, with 1 pound of our live Spirulina being equal to 1,000 pounds of vegetables.

Our Spirulina is harvested fresh, then immediately flash-frozen and stored. When thawed the Spirulina is alive and chock-full of bio-available nutrients. Powdered, freeze-dried or tableted Spirulina is dead and has nowhere near the available nutrients that can be found in our fresh raw live Spirulina.

Our fresh raw living Spirulina can provide your body with up to 100% of your complete daily nutrition needs. Powder versions of Spirulina only offer 10% - 20% of Spirulina's true vitamins and nutrients as found in our living Spirulina.

At Spirulina4Life we believe that there is no better investment than an investment into your personal health. We believe health is truly the first wealth and that food is our most powerful form of medicine. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to producing the world’s most healthy food. Definitely not the cheapest, but by far the best. 

Here’s to your health. Keep if fresh, green and living. Keep it Spirulina4Life.


One of Spirulina4Life's Founders, Greg has spent the past 25 years as a well-respected Special Operations Tactical Firefighter and Paramedic in the
South Florida area. During his tenure serving his community, Greg was exposed to toxic levels of carcinogens which ultimately caused cancer in his body on two different occasions.  
That was when Greg found fresh, live Spirulina. (not powders!) Through trial and error, Greg found a nutritional program that supported his body while fighting cancer. 
Aside from diet and exercise, a major part of his natural supplementation has been through the use of Live Spirulina. 

As a two-time cancer survivor, Greg has become known nationally for successfully helping others implement a nutritional program which includes live Spirulina. 
Spirulina provides nutritional support to help the body fight disease naturally without the use of harmful chemicals, poisons and pills. Part of his mission is to pay it forward by meeting with crowds of people each week to learn about their individual health challenges and then assist them with creating a personalized nutritional protocol that will help them to heal their bodies safely and naturally. 

Spirulina4Life proudly supports Police, Firefighters and Military across the country.


USDA Aquaculture Certificate Number: AQ0341130
Florida Food Entity Number: 387866
FDA Registration Number 13814133868